Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Adventures in Diagnostic Imaging:

Or, Reasons I Won't Miss Where I Live Now.

I went to the diagnostic center this morning for my first ever boob squishing. Signed in at the counter, and sat down to wait. The selection of reading materials was limited to issues of Diagnostic Imaging Today and Garden and Gun. That's right, a proudly southern magazine celebrating the beauty that flowers and plants bring to our lives, and killing living creatures for sport. It was that or watch the Today Show, and since I'd rather poke my eyes out with knitting needles than do either one, I decided to take a cat nap instead.

A man in the waiting room decided to strike up a conversation with an older woman. He distainfully exclaimed that the nurses calling out people's names to take them back made it seem like a "welfare office" in there. They should do the respectable thing and use those flashy light things (beeper coasters) like the other hospital does. Um, okay. I can understand having privacy issues, but there's no need to be classist about it. Actually a beeper coaster would have helped, because another woman in the waiting room had the same last name as mine :)

I was called back, and the clerk who took my information talked non-stop. There was a wire basket next to the monitor on the desk, with a computer print out with somebody else's information on it. Not giving me great confidence in your privacy regulations, people!

Waited another eternity to get into the Mammography room. The nurse technician in there also spoke non-stop, about the weather, the busyness of end of the year appointments, the recent attempted terrorist bombing and how the people on the plane should "praise Jesus" that the guy wasn't successful.

The scan itself wasn't as bad as I'd been led to believe, and the whole experience led to a blog post ;)

* My blog has been suffering from a lack of posts due to the wonderful presence of my fiance, for both Christmas and New Year's! Plus my brother is in town as well! Good times all around!
Glen filled my stocking with Stray Sock Sewing, You Shall Die by Your Own Evil Creation! and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. His mom sent along some adorable vintage Vogart embroidery patterns and skiens of varigated thread, a book to prepare me for life on Vancouver Island and a pair of embroidery scissors. His sister gave me a huge stack of scrapbook paper and tins of brads, rivets and label discs. I see myself embracing my craftiness in 2010!

My parents were generous and gave us a Wii, Wii Fit Plus, Wii Sports and Wii Play - no more excuses for schlumping on the couch all evening. Mom almost fell over laughing at our attempts to race knitted cows in Charge!
And I discovered that I'm quite adept at Bowling as long as I'm not wearing rented shoes.

They also supplied me with a travelling case for my embroidery threads and works in progress - more craftiness!

The next day Glen and I made our Miis, and even made one for my cat! She wasn't impressed.

* Phew, that's enough updating for now. Tune in next time for photos of handmade stockings with gingerbread embroidery!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

tees part two and other detrius

* On Saturday I went to look at fabric for the dress I'm getting married in, perused Big Lots for deals (nothin') and went by K-Mart for envelopes. When I left K-Mart I walked to the passenger side of my car to put my stuff in the front seat and saw 2 scratches through the paint from the back door to halfway down the back panel. It made me cry right there in the parking lot.

It was probably a shopping cart; if it was deliberate they would have messed with my Cthulhu fish as well.

* I haven't been sleeping well, so last night I took a sleeping pill. Woke up late this morning, and now I'm tired, sniffly and coughy. boo! I must have caught what my mom had on Thanksgiving.

* So, more tee shirts. How about horror?

- Last year at ScreamFest there was a Bite Mark Clothing booth
(whaddya know, it was her first big booth!) Lovely ladies with accents selling a small range of shirts. I walked away with an I Heart Zombies shirt and I love it. Got complimented on it when I went to see Zombieland!

- another seller at the con was Sigh Co. Graphics. I bought a shirt for a friend's birthday, and for myself I got the New Dark Age shirt. I hope to lose enough weight to be able to wear it :(

- 'Tis the season - only 21 more days until Cephalopodmas! Thanks to Gory Girl Pat I have a Cephalopodmas tee drawn by Apelad himself.

- Finally, Mini Cassette has a mix of scary and omg squee tees.