Friday, October 21, 2011

Aunt Nan's Chocolate Cake

especially for Angela!

p.s. I was going to sell this cookbook on Etsy, but if you're interested send me an e-mail at luluk_670 at :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Start your holiday shopping now!

My husband has an Etsy store! It's filled with adorably retro prints and original art! You'll love it, I promise :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Country Cupboard Part Deux

Welcome back everybody - I made dinner for ya!

"the savory, tongue-tempting zest"
See, this isn't so bad. We've got sweet mix, overly-deviled deviled eggs, and a whole tray of cookies! Dig in!

Junior here is eating Corned Beef Hashstacks, "a particular delight of youngsters!" (This book uses almost as many exclamation points as I do!) Ya just open the can and push out the corned beef hash as a log, slice it into 1-inch thick rounds, put processed cheese on (they specify "processed") and bake. I don't know about that "delight" part.

After all that meat, let's have a Summer Garden Salad. Cucumber, green onion and radish mixed with Cheese Dressing, served on a tomato. Wow, don't go wild with the veggies now!

He's like a tiny Gorton's fisherman! Gloucester sauce: Tang Dressing, Horseradish Dip and Worcestershire sauce. Serve as a sauce for cold meats such as tongue. :P

It's a salad parade, coming out of the cookbook!

International flavour time!
This illustration is for "Spaghetti Meatcake." Uh, what?
"Make 2 pounds of ground beef into meat loaf. Divide and bake in two rounded 8 or 9-inch layer cake pans. Heat 1 can Nalley's Spaghetti with Meat in Sauce. When meat loaf is done, turn one layer onto a large platter; top with half the spaghetti. Arrange other layer of meat loaf on top. Spoon remaining spaghetti on top. Cut into wedges to serve."
Wow. wow. My friend Julie made a meatcake once; the inside was the same as this, but she frosted it with mashed potatoes. She then made a sheet cake that looked like a t-bone. Food was never dull at Julie's.

Noodles and Beef Romanoff and Strogonoff. Open a can of Egg Noodles and Beef, add some dip/dressing/mushrooms, and voila!

awww! For dining while camping.

Sticky buns!

Okay, those aren't deviled eggs in the beginning photo; they are Stuffed Eggs. Mix yolks with barbecue sauce? Oh no, honey, don't do that for me.

Spuds Glamorized! Just put french onion dip or bleu cheese dip on a baked potato.

I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay, I sleep all night and I work all day ...

and on that note, sayonara!

p.s. we decorated for Halloween today, photos coming up!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

don't make juice with this Tang

I'm not feeling very Halloween this year. But here's a cookbook with lots o' devils!

Copyright 1962 by Nalley's, Inc.
According to their website, Nalley's has been around since 1918 and is based in the Northwest. I'd never heard of them, but it appears they are still going strong.
They have recipes on their site, but a quick perusal shows me none of them are from this cookbook. Their product line sure has shrunk.

Devil #1 illustrates Hot Seafood Salad Diablo. Aand we are introduced to Nalley's Tang Salad Dressing, which, according to the photo on the cover, seems to be like Miracle Whip. I didn't scan in the recipes, because they are rather boring; it's the illustrations that spice this cookbook up!

Here's Devil #2, showing off his Oysters Diablo. Combine raw oysters with cans of Spaghetti and Meat, mustard and horseradish, top with Parmesean, and stick in the oven. Personally, ewwww.

Devil #3 is ready to chow on some Tang Devils Food Cake. That's right, chocolate cake with the previously mentioned Tang Salad Dressing (a whole cup!).

Hmm, seems there weren't as many devils as I thought. Oh well, onto non-devils!

With an assist from Nalley's, eggs star at any meal!
Alrighty, the top right? Not so bad. Eggs Benedict underneath on the right, sure.* But that abomination on the left just looks ... gross. That stuff around the edge? Nalley's Krun-Cheez. :shudder: The eggs on the bottom are nestled in cups made from barbecue potato chips. Damn, dude, that's just wrong.

Let's get back to the tasty illustrations, shall we?
Give a new day a bright new beginning with a breakfast that's different as well as delicious!
I don't usually associate smiling with alarm clocks.

Happy breakfasting at your house and easy breakfast making!
Anime Eyes woman is making omlettes!

We're makin' biscuits!
All these illustrations make me want to make up my own set of recipe cards. Too cute!

Oven Fried Fish. Coated in potato chips (again with the potato chips!). The hula skirt is optional.

Sweet and Sour Bologna, tee hee. This is in the outdoor recipe section, so you put a 1 1/2-lb piece of bologna on the barbecue spit and baste it with a homemade sweet and sour sauce, then slice up and serve on buns with relish. As a person who has eaten fried Spam many times, this doesn't bother me at all ;)

Seems like there's too many illustrations for just one post, so I'll make this Part One of two. See ya then!

* Eggs Benedict are amazingly popular here. I rarely saw it on the menu back in Florida, but here it's on every menu, in many different combinations. John's Place makes a killer eggs benny with chorizo :)