Sunday, February 9, 2014

* It's a bit late for resolutions, but for those who want to lose weight, have I got the plan for you! Actually, Good Housekeeping (Aug 1956) has the plan.

The shower and tub exercise plan is illustrated with artfully blurred photos of a brunette - cause you're supposed to be naked when you do the activities. Like lying on the bathmat with your legs in the air swinging your arms. It's the rare bathmat that looks inviting enough to lie down on.

But the diet! Whoa nelly!
The article says all meals have the same amount of calories, but it doesn't specify a number - it must be quite a number.

Day One:

Oh yeah, 2 slices crisp bacon for breakfast! Sherbert and cookies for a snack! Meatloaf, broccoli and carrots, and angel food cake for dinner!

Day Two:
Breakfast- fruit and cereal and egg and toast! Lunch - american cheese and 1 slice crisp bacon! Dinner- uh, liver and onions? PASS.

Day Three:
Sausage and egg for breakfast, 1 1/2 slices crisp bacon for lunch, corned beef for dinner! I think maybe this is the Bacon Diet. But what's with buttermilk being equal to skim milk to drink?

Day Four:
Sadly, a day without bacon - and dates for breakfast. But a baked potato with butter for dinner and a sandwich for a snack sounds good to me.

Day Five:
Day 2 without bacon, and bouillon-on-the-rocks. I would have lost alot of weight back then, because cold condensed bouillon is slightly higher than lima beans when it comes to unappetizing food. But hey, 2 biscuits for breakfast and 2 biscuits for dinner!

Day Six:
Woo hoo - French toast with syrup and 2 slices crisp bacon for breakfast! Steak, carrots and beets for dinner with custard for dessert! But sorry, 1 cup of milk and 1 cracker does not a snack make. And all the bouillon I want would be zero, nil, none, no siree.

Day Seven:
Let's end the diet week on a happy note :) Breakfast is 2 pancakes with syrup, and our dearly beloved bacon! Snacks are ice cream soda and 1 vanilla wafer. Dinner is barbecued chicken with corn on the cob! Supper is - wait, hold the tongue, just give me the chicken please. And I like asparagus, no problem there.

That brings the weekly crisp bacon total to 7 1/2 slices! Six days call for fresh fruit, five days include an egg, 9 1/2 slices of bread total (10 1/2 if you count the melba toast), and black coffee or tea every day.

Taking Control

* It'll take at least a year to get in to see a therapist, since it needs to be free, so I got a book from the library in the meantime. And the Depression chapter suggests that you add more activities that give you a sense of mastery. 
Therefore, blog time!