Friday, January 29, 2010

baked with love

* I could not resist buying the Feb issue of Southern Living. C'mon, look at those cookies! (sorry, biggest version I can find). Lemon butter cookies with royal icing, mmmmmm. And simplified recipes for chicken gumbo and banana bread cobbler.
... just realized that if I can link to them, they're online. So I didn't have to buy the magazine. duh.

I used to think this magazine was for old ladies and doctors' offices, but after a while living down here I found it had great ideas for places to visit, tasty recipes and advice on gardening. The home decorating features leave me cold, however; my tastes are more eccentric.

Lately I have had a hankering to bake. A couple of weeks ago I was given a bag full of lemons, so I made 2 loaves of lemon bread, one with walnuts and one without. Zesting a lemon on a regular grater was a learning experience, but the juicing went well. Afterwards I remembered the large bag of craisins and now am itching to make more bread.
Baking makes the whole house smell so good!

* The future approaches at a breakneck pace. Glen arrives next Thursday, and 10 days later The Big Day! (then Disney and NASA!) I still don't have everything needed for the momentous occasion, but even if I'm barefoot I'll be happy :)

* It's pouring down rain. Wish me luck shoe shopping tomorrow!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

warning, ranting ahead.

* So here are the stockings! Hand stitched, hand embroidered (pattern from Sublime Stitching). They turned out too small, but at least I got them done before Christmas.

* I am in a bad mood. Bad bad bad. Foul, pissy, grumpy. And watching Premonition didn't help. I'd seen part of it last Sat while the car place was looking at my tire. (They couldn't find a leak, but the air keeps getting out somehow. I should go ahead and get new tires, sigh.) And I was intrigued by the movie, Sandra Bullock is good, so I got it through Netflix. The ending SUCKS!!! With many exclamation points.

At least the weather is warmer down here. Warmer and rainy, but I don't mind rain. Except when I need to go put air in the tire that isn't leaking.

* I packed one box today, in preparation for moving. Put all the candles and most of the candleholders in the same box, that way if they melt it's no big deal. But I keep forgetting that not everywhere has the hellish heat that Florida has.
I also got the serial numbers off the electronic goodies. Some progress is better than none.