Friday, July 31, 2009

Hooray for Friday!

* Ha ha! Where else would you want to keep your dice than in a d20? Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories even give you step-by-step details!

A quick browse around shows they know how to make their own geeky fun - like Crunchy Frogs (with poprocks), a cardboard cat chaise lounge, and LED garden lights (hmm, add some black paper and colored tissue and they could be creepy faces for Oct 31! )

* I finally gave in and joined Facebook. That thing is not made for ease of use, or I'm getting old, cause I have to click around forever to find what I'm looking for.

* So Glen, what do you think about a ceremony based on your favorite game? :snicker:

* Current time-waster: Awful Library Books. My local library is sadly filled with these sorts of out-of-date, no longer correct books. But maybe if I keep visiting the Friends of the Library store I can walk away with a gem like this one:

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

But he isn't wearing his heels!

What a coincidence! Right after discussion of Eddie in the comments, I see that according to The Sun, Eddie Izzard will run 1,000 around the UK in 7 weeks to raise money for a sports charity.

Been having a bit of a bad day, so cake, especially in Lego, will cheer me right up!

Monday, July 27, 2009

I confess

* Hi, my name is K0dama and I'm addicted to Halloween decor. And Target. And when they combine, I can't stop!
So of course I've been lurking at their website for a sneak peek and was rewarded today. Waaay in the back, on the last pages of a search for "Halloween decor", items marked "new" but also "not in stock." Like this guy, Zen the bobblehead! Or a spooky cute advent calendar!

* I'm also feeling crafty, wanting to do something with all the lovely scrapbook papers that I get on clearance because they are just too pretty to pass up! Maybe start making my own cards - I've done that in the past and they seem to be well received. Creative and economical!

* But I'm determined to save money for The Big Move. I'm in the process of tidying and cleaning all rooms and closets, so what better time to cull what I don't need (and don't feel like toting to the Great North)? 3 bedrooms full of stuff will take some time :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Aaaaaand ...

now it's fixed! I suspect that Firefox was the problem - I'm having other issues as well.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Blogger issues continue

weird - I can see my blog as a guest, I can post, but I can't see my blog as the owner!

thinking ahead

* Glen has returned to Canadia :( but we have plans to meet up again in September!

* And other plans as well, after talking to the realtor. Time to start packing up my household! I know it's better for showing and selling, but I hate having to remove all the stuff that makes my house MINE: monkey mats masked, horror statues hidden and candles canned, Ganesha gone. I'll have to make a secret display in a closet ;)
When I think about everything that needs doing I get overwhelmed, but one small step at a time isn't so bad. I'm taking tomorrow off so work starts Sunday!

* So, last Tuesday Glen and I watched Unidentified Flying Oddball; I had fond memories of the novelization I had as a kid, but boy oh boy the best part of the movie is the title. Seriously. It was bad enough to erase any nostalgia I had. I may have to rethink watching The North Avenue Irregulars, although any flick with Cloris Leachman can't be all bad. Shoot, she even looks good dressed in cabbage!

* The outside may be 87 (feels like 95) but it is freezing in the office. Sigh, I can't wait for fall and cooler weather. And Halloween! I found what may be a sneak peak at Target's 2009 Halloween goodies, yay for purple cats!

* Waaaaaaant! No need or reason except it's wicked cool!

* Woo hoo, got my first stranger follower! Er, I mean follower who is a stranger to me, that I don't have a connection to ... Their website has some rockin' gravestones (look at the middle photo - CAKE OR DEATH!), and they even teach classes on how to make them! Welcome, Frog on the Pumpkin!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Feeling crafty

* Hi! Glen suggested that I start sharing some of my burgeoning craftiness here, so I'll start with my favorite of the bunch:

The border is from Charted Folk Designs for Cross-Stitch Embroidery and the typeface is from In Stitches From A to Z. The chainsaw is my own after looking at several photos and drawings of Ash. And I'm sure you know that the quote is from Army of Darkness. It was made as a belated birthday present for a fellow Bruce Campbell fan. She LOVES it and has it displayed at work, right next to her Ash in S-Mart action figure.

I've already started on my next work, and the clue is Cthulhu.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


oooOOOoooh! I'm already thinking of Halloween, natch, and I heard that Michael's has their stuff out.

And Universal has the theme for their Halloween Horror Nights ... Ripped From the Silver Screen! I'd heard a rumor that they were gonna have Saw, and sure enough they do, in addition to Chucky and The Wolfman.

busy as a bee

* I'm Queen of the Slackers! Nah, actually I'm just having too much fun with a certain Canadian.

* On Saturday we did indeed go to the capital. We went to the Downtown Market, I oo'ed and ah'ed over the delicious looking fruits and veggies, and had a cupcake of the best cheesecake I have ever tasted! Mmm, rich and chocolatey - if we'd had a cooler I would have bought a whole one.

Right next door was the library so we perused the used book store and nabbed a couple of great books, which you will soon be seeing on Flickr.
Next we went to the MOAS for an exhibit of Asian kites (beautiful!) and had fun playing with all the hands-on science experiments. It was Harry Potter day so there were kids running around in robes, but we didn't pay extra for those special classes.

Time for lunch! We ate at Hopkin's Eatery - verrry tasty and filling (I had the BET and Glen got the Special).

In the afternoon we stopped by The Other Side and I got a couple of 50s women's magazines from December, so great cookie recipes (including prune-stuffed prunes! :snerk:) and decor ideas. Next door was Bali Hi, pretty furniture but not in my price range. Glen admired the collection of Hawaiian shirts.
And finally Vinyl Fever. I haven't been in a few years; I was disappointed that their stock of used CDs has dropped and they sell mostly new ones, but I did pick up the soundtracks for The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and Unleashed.
Phew, we were tired when we got home.

But Sunday brought more fun, in the form of a pool get-together at Gosamyr's! A few showers didn't dampen our enthusiasm. So relaxing, tossing around a Spiderman beach ball and floating around with magic beer. I managed to get a burn on my shoulders (you'd think I'd know better).

* The house is looking mucho better thanks to Glen's dedication. The bathroom looks like a real bath! ;)

* And now I've run out of steam. Later!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hot Now!

* Just because it's sunny and the forecast says only 30% chance of rain doesn't mean it won't rain, especially if your car windows are down.

* I'm still having the blog issue with the interests, but I think I fixed the icon-on-another-blog issue.

* Last night Glen finally got Hot Now donuts from Krispy Kreme, and he was a happy camper. Nothing beats watching those wonderful Os coming down the track and getting a bath of frosting, mmmm.

* Tomorrow we are visiting the state capital, and hopefully some rockin' retro/vintage/book stores as well. Sunday we hope to hit the beach. He's been doing so much around the house he deserves a weekend off ;)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

blog issues

* Blog issues:
1) No matter what I click on in my profile, Blogger tells me that no other bloggers have it in their profile. Not even living in the United States. I'm assuming this is a Blogger problem.

2) I am following several blogs, but on Frocks & Frou Frou there's an extra box above followers that has my icon and link. I can't find anything in the Help section as to what this means or if I can cancel it. It only seems to be on that one blog.

* But everything else is going better than it has so far this week (although I'm still sleepy).

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


* Yeah, I start up a blog then ignore the poor thing! Blame Glen for keeping me busy.

* To start out with some fun, I love the crying woman panels posted over at Easily Mused! Tears and more tears from retro romance comics - they would make some fantastic tee shirts. I think this one is my favorite.

* Glen and I had a busy weekend - we worked on the house (he's quite handy) but the joy of an older house is you never know what lies beyond the sheetrock. We installed a ceiling fan in the bedroom (what a difference that makes) and replaced the old wornout porcelain sink with a new sink and cabinet.
On Friday we had lunch with Gosamyr at the one-and-only British tea room in town. It has new owners who are doing a bang-up job, and have already improved the menu. We also browsed around an antique store and found 3 great retro books filled with tasty scans.
On Saturday had a burger dinner with my parents in honor of my mom's first Fourth as an American! The weather was hot and humid most of the weekend so we didn't spend much time outside.

* In the not-so-fun arena, I got my very first ticket yesterday! My tag was one week past the expiration date :( Not only did I get cited, I got the access sticker scraped off my windshield and had to go right then and there to the DMV to get the tag renewed. But surprise! the DMV doesn't take credit cards, so I had to run to the bank to pick up cash, then return to the DMV. Once back at work I had to go to the Visitor's Centre and get a new access sticker. Bleah, what a Monday morning! At least it wasn't raining yet.

* The rain arrived yesterday afternoon and continues through now. Gave me a chance to wear my flowery raincoat and green boots.

* There just aren't enough hours in the day to enjoy Glen's company, fix up the house, work on my cross-stitch, play Okami, do laundry, ... and work. This morning I was tired and the sound of rain didn't help.