Friday, July 24, 2009

thinking ahead

* Glen has returned to Canadia :( but we have plans to meet up again in September!

* And other plans as well, after talking to the realtor. Time to start packing up my household! I know it's better for showing and selling, but I hate having to remove all the stuff that makes my house MINE: monkey mats masked, horror statues hidden and candles canned, Ganesha gone. I'll have to make a secret display in a closet ;)
When I think about everything that needs doing I get overwhelmed, but one small step at a time isn't so bad. I'm taking tomorrow off so work starts Sunday!

* So, last Tuesday Glen and I watched Unidentified Flying Oddball; I had fond memories of the novelization I had as a kid, but boy oh boy the best part of the movie is the title. Seriously. It was bad enough to erase any nostalgia I had. I may have to rethink watching The North Avenue Irregulars, although any flick with Cloris Leachman can't be all bad. Shoot, she even looks good dressed in cabbage!

* The outside may be 87 (feels like 95) but it is freezing in the office. Sigh, I can't wait for fall and cooler weather. And Halloween! I found what may be a sneak peak at Target's 2009 Halloween goodies, yay for purple cats!

* Waaaaaaant! No need or reason except it's wicked cool!

* Woo hoo, got my first stranger follower! Er, I mean follower who is a stranger to me, that I don't have a connection to ... Their website has some rockin' gravestones (look at the middle photo - CAKE OR DEATH!), and they even teach classes on how to make them! Welcome, Frog on the Pumpkin!


  1. Ohhhh.... I feel a Target withdrawal coming on sometime soon...for my FDIL!

  2. I loved seeing Unidentified Flying Oddball back when I was a kid and ordered the book from Weekly Reader. A couple of years ago I tried watching it for the frist time since '79 and you're right it doesn't hold up at all.

  3. Marilyn: Glen has promised a trip to Target every September so I can at least get my Halloween fix! Also, you guys have Ikea which from what I hear is as good.

    Todd: I think I had the same book! I used to love the books & magazines I got through Weekly Reader. Living on bases overseas, I felt connected to the US through that thing.

  4. Hi there!

    Fun blog!

    I likely found you on another blog. When someone leaves a comment on blog that makes me laugh I go find out who it is....that is how I got here. And glad to be here!!

    Love the picture...being a vegetatarian myself!! BTW - Cake or Death is an homage to Eddie Izzard. :)


  5. I so totally agree with you coveting the card cataglogue...I waaaaaaaaaaant too!!!!
    Are you seriously thinking of bidding on it?

  6. I want to, but I'm supposed to be getting rid of stuff in order to move, not getting MORE stuff! Dilemma!