Monday, July 27, 2009

I confess

* Hi, my name is K0dama and I'm addicted to Halloween decor. And Target. And when they combine, I can't stop!
So of course I've been lurking at their website for a sneak peek and was rewarded today. Waaay in the back, on the last pages of a search for "Halloween decor", items marked "new" but also "not in stock." Like this guy, Zen the bobblehead! Or a spooky cute advent calendar!

* I'm also feeling crafty, wanting to do something with all the lovely scrapbook papers that I get on clearance because they are just too pretty to pass up! Maybe start making my own cards - I've done that in the past and they seem to be well received. Creative and economical!

* But I'm determined to save money for The Big Move. I'm in the process of tidying and cleaning all rooms and closets, so what better time to cull what I don't need (and don't feel like toting to the Great North)? 3 bedrooms full of stuff will take some time :)

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