Friday, July 31, 2009

Hooray for Friday!

* Ha ha! Where else would you want to keep your dice than in a d20? Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories even give you step-by-step details!

A quick browse around shows they know how to make their own geeky fun - like Crunchy Frogs (with poprocks), a cardboard cat chaise lounge, and LED garden lights (hmm, add some black paper and colored tissue and they could be creepy faces for Oct 31! )

* I finally gave in and joined Facebook. That thing is not made for ease of use, or I'm getting old, cause I have to click around forever to find what I'm looking for.

* So Glen, what do you think about a ceremony based on your favorite game? :snicker:

* Current time-waster: Awful Library Books. My local library is sadly filled with these sorts of out-of-date, no longer correct books. But maybe if I keep visiting the Friends of the Library store I can walk away with a gem like this one:


  1. Did you say crunchy frogs!!! I think I am going to have to try those!


  2. The Katamari wedding was sweet. But I think we should pass.

    An Excite Truck wedding might be a diferrent matter though...

  3. If you can drive like that in your Corolla, sure!