Tuesday, July 7, 2009


* Yeah, I start up a blog then ignore the poor thing! Blame Glen for keeping me busy.

* To start out with some fun, I love the crying woman panels posted over at Easily Mused! Tears and more tears from retro romance comics - they would make some fantastic tee shirts. I think this one is my favorite.

* Glen and I had a busy weekend - we worked on the house (he's quite handy) but the joy of an older house is you never know what lies beyond the sheetrock. We installed a ceiling fan in the bedroom (what a difference that makes) and replaced the old wornout porcelain sink with a new sink and cabinet.
On Friday we had lunch with Gosamyr at the one-and-only British tea room in town. It has new owners who are doing a bang-up job, and have already improved the menu. We also browsed around an antique store and found 3 great retro books filled with tasty scans.
On Saturday had a burger dinner with my parents in honor of my mom's first Fourth as an American! The weather was hot and humid most of the weekend so we didn't spend much time outside.

* In the not-so-fun arena, I got my very first ticket yesterday! My tag was one week past the expiration date :( Not only did I get cited, I got the access sticker scraped off my windshield and had to go right then and there to the DMV to get the tag renewed. But surprise! the DMV doesn't take credit cards, so I had to run to the bank to pick up cash, then return to the DMV. Once back at work I had to go to the Visitor's Centre and get a new access sticker. Bleah, what a Monday morning! At least it wasn't raining yet.

* The rain arrived yesterday afternoon and continues through now. Gave me a chance to wear my flowery raincoat and green boots.

* There just aren't enough hours in the day to enjoy Glen's company, fix up the house, work on my cross-stitch, play Okami, do laundry, ... and work. This morning I was tired and the sound of rain didn't help.


  1. What a busy girl. Bummer about the ticket and the rain. LOVE your raincoat and boots!

  2. I could always do my best to ignore you so that you'd have more time for the other things on your list!