Friday, January 29, 2010

baked with love

* I could not resist buying the Feb issue of Southern Living. C'mon, look at those cookies! (sorry, biggest version I can find). Lemon butter cookies with royal icing, mmmmmm. And simplified recipes for chicken gumbo and banana bread cobbler.
... just realized that if I can link to them, they're online. So I didn't have to buy the magazine. duh.

I used to think this magazine was for old ladies and doctors' offices, but after a while living down here I found it had great ideas for places to visit, tasty recipes and advice on gardening. The home decorating features leave me cold, however; my tastes are more eccentric.

Lately I have had a hankering to bake. A couple of weeks ago I was given a bag full of lemons, so I made 2 loaves of lemon bread, one with walnuts and one without. Zesting a lemon on a regular grater was a learning experience, but the juicing went well. Afterwards I remembered the large bag of craisins and now am itching to make more bread.
Baking makes the whole house smell so good!

* The future approaches at a breakneck pace. Glen arrives next Thursday, and 10 days later The Big Day! (then Disney and NASA!) I still don't have everything needed for the momentous occasion, but even if I'm barefoot I'll be happy :)

* It's pouring down rain. Wish me luck shoe shopping tomorrow!

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  1. I will always wish a fellow gal shoe shopping luck! :D

    Thanks for sharing....I might have to bake something...even if it is just cookies!