Sunday, May 9, 2010

don't shoot, you dummy!

* I have been busy scanning in pulp novel covers to post on Flickr (g'wan, have a peek). I've only read the Perry Mason ones so far, but look forward to reading the rest, even if the stories don't live up to the covers. For example, the one above. Did he steal that sexy mannequin and the rightful owner is gonna get it back with a gun?

After our honeymoon in Feb, the hubs and I, along with my parents, drove up to Tennessee to show him off to my American relatives. On the way back, we stopped at a flea market somewhere to look around (my poor dad was outvoted). One little old lady had 2 booths full of paperbacks, mostly Harlequin, Tom Clancy, John Grisham and the like. But there, in the corner, in 5 boxes, were mystery and detective books from the '50s. I scooped up the ones in good condition, for 25¢ apiece. Holy smokes! I can find more up here - Vancouver Island is used book heaven - but doubt I'll ever see that price again.

* We organized our storage room today. Whee fun! We had been just piling up boxes in the room, but it's difficult to get to what you want that way. Costco had some great and cheap storage shelves last week so we splurged, and now we have a room we can use! Amazing how much stuff the 2 of us have. I have 3 boxes of Halloween decorations and 1 box of Christmas decor :snicker:

Of course the year-round spooky stuff is in my craft room. Last week I picked up some cheap apothecary jars, just right to fill with tiny skulls or plastic spiders ;) Great Cthulhu surveys all from the top of the shelving unit, the 3-headed Boney candleholder grins next to a black tealight lantern from Target, and the hubs gave me a classic Haunted Mansion game for a backdrop. How had I not seen this before?!? It's missing some pieces sadly, and the box is a tad water-damaged, but squee! We visited the Disney World mansion twice during our honeymoon. I can't wait to see the Disney Land one :D

* I'm outta steam. Tune in next time for ... the Winchester Mystery House! ooooEEEEoooo.

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