Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rearranging furniture

* All weekend we have been serenaded by Rifflandia. And by serenaded I mean we can hear it clear as a bell even though we are blocks away. Who needs tickets? It's stormy out there (rain and gusts) and they are still going strong. Better than hearing the chickens ;)

* I don't usually do '70s, but last year I picked up a furniture catalog at a yard sale and I must share.
According to their web page (and Google translate), Europa Möbel is a purchasing and marketing association with distributors in 11 countries.

I prefer to think that "mobel" means "wall of cupboards" because there are lots and lots of rooms that look like this. This reminds me of my aunt & uncle's house in England. But where are the windows?

This, on the other hand, I would have in my house. Well, the shelves and that crazy lamp at least. The upholstered furniture? no. The flokati rug? absolutely no. We grew up with a rug like that; it required taking outside and hanging on the line to clean it. Don't even think about vacuuming it.

The furniture I don't like at all - can you imagine the marks it leaves on the back of bare legs? And the carpet, once again no. But that television in the corner, and the lamps hanging above it? Grooovy!

Hey, it's the same furniture as in the room of mod shelves!
That couch on the right - goes across the back of the room, gets fatter in the corner, comes towards the camera, turns to the right and continues off-camera ... how far does it go? Down the hall, through the dining room, around the bedroom? That would be fun, continuous couch. Google translate says this room is "designed for spacious living." Indeed.

Let's move on to Schlafzimmer!
"Everything fits together in the popular Blumchen-Look room." Everything? Even the naked butt poster on the back wall?

My mom used to crochet afghans like that.
Again, furniture stars in one corner and goes and goes. A wall-to-wall flokati? Hope they don't have pets with fur.

Behold the amazing floating bed!
I kinda like this one, except the colours. And the afghan. And the creepy girl poster in the alcove. And the mug of spaghetti.
Wait, if this is a "youth room," why is there a carafe of what looks to be liquor on the top right shelf?
Those wacky Europeans! In fact, most of the rooms shown in this catalogue have bottles and/or glasses of alcohol somewhere in the photo.

Let's wrap it up.
I'll take that lamp from the left office, and the lamp, desk, cupboards and tv from the office on the right. They can keep the chairs.

Thank you one and all for touring Europa Möbel 1976 with me!
(Zombie Leah - I looked, but there was no macrame in the catalogue ;)

p.s. The storm has stopped, the sky is blue and the music continues from the park!

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  1. Cheers for naked butt poster! Jeers for lack of macrame. Lol! Thanks for thinking about me though. :P