Saturday, March 24, 2012

vintage embroidery pattern ID - Butterick and Laura Wheeler

Their patterns come in envelopes that look like their regular sewing ones. A search of the Butterick website found no embroidery patterns.
I have patterns from 2 different dates.

1923 pattern set - dark blue solid line on brown tissue paper. 

Text on transfer sheet:

Sample design:
This is from the kitchen set but I haven't the faintest idea what it's supposed to be! It looks like a safety razor and a shaving brush?

Early to mid- '70's pattern set - yellow solid line on white tissue paper. 

Text on transfer sheet:

Sample design:
Cleaned up, but working with bright yellow is not fun.

Laura Wheeler
The pattern I have is in a thin, white mailing envelope from Free Press Prairie Farmer Needlecraft Dept. I believe Laura Wheeler patterns were all mail order from newspapers. 

1941 pattern set - dark green solid line on beige paper. 
What an address - Wendigo Mines!
Text on transfer sheet:

Instruction sheet ID:

There were 2 patterns stuffed in the envelope - a peacock one (#2602, referenced on the mailing label) and one with 2 cats and a vase of flowers (#2721). I didn't know transfers came that large!

Next time - McCall's!

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  1. that top one has to definitely be a razor and brush! so cute. my husband shaves with a razor like that.