Friday, June 22, 2012

Deja vu

Lately we've been watching alot of '70s tv on DVD, thanks to the swap meet and eBay. Wonder Woman,  Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Fantasy Island ... we still haven't located an affordable Incredible Hulk or Six Million Dollar Man tho.

We started with Wonder Woman season 2, so we skipped the WWII season. Funny how the second season began with storylines that involved military jeeps, installations and uniforms ;)
We also noticed something else!

* Here's a couple of screencaps from Episode 1: The Return of Wonder Woman

Most awesome "robot" with a zipper ever.
Nice villian's lair Dr. Solano's got there, solidly constructed of cinderblocks.

* And here's Episode 2: Anschluss '77
They are creating a clone of Hitler by putting his clothes in a glass box and filling them with smoke. I'm not kidding.
The Nazi's underground bunker is solidly constructed of cinderblocks, all the better to hold up to bombing.

* Episode 4: The Bermuda Triangle Crisis
The '70s were alll about the Bermuda Triangle. psst - I lived in Bermuda; there's no triangle.
Many buildings in Bermuda are solidly constructed of cinderblocks, to better withstand hurricanes.

* Episode 7: The Queen and the Thief
Juliet Mills is The Queen, originally from Boston but with a crisp British accent and a swanky pad in Palm Beach.
Hey, here's an underground vault solidly constructed of cinderblocks - Florida gets hurricanes, too.

* Episode 12: The Deadly Toys
Robotic Wonder Woman!
Maybe he inherited it from Dr. Solano?

* Episode 14: Screaming Javelins
With special guest star Rick Springfield!

Looks like they kept some of the wooden beams from Episode 12!
This is one of the weirdest episodes, and that's saying alot. We've got Henry Gibson as a completely over-the-top madman, dressed all in sparkly purple clothes. His character is called Mariposa - which means "butterfly" in Spanish - not very scary, no? And he's kidnapping athletes so his pretend country, Mariposalia, can compete in the Olympic Games. yup.

* and, in conclusion, Episode 15: Diana's Disappearing Act

I got nothin'.

Sadly, sadly, we are 6 episodes into Season 3 and the solidly constructed cinderblock lair hasn't made an appearance.

Big thanks to my husband for getting all these screen captures and providing comic-ized tags!

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  1. Wow! Look at her in the toymaker's workshop! I'd give anything to see all of these. I don't think I've seen a Wonder Woman episode since I was a tot.