Thursday, October 1, 2009

my personal boycott


* The following movie-related people are among those who have signed a petition to protest the arrest of Roman Polanski. I will no longer spend money on their works.

Isabelle Adjani
Woody Allen (well, I've been boycotting him since Soon-Yi)
Pedro Almodovar
Wes Anderson
Asia Argento
Darren Aronofsky
Monica Bellucci
Adrien Brody
Guillermo del Toro (I don't think I can ever watch Pan's Labyrinth again)
Jonathan Demme
Peter Fonda
Harrison Ford (WHY?)
Stephen Frears
Terry Gilliam (sob)
Buck Henry
Isabelle Huppert
Jeremy Irons (he played Humbert Humbert)
Neil Jordan
Wong Kar Waï
Harmony Korinne
John Landis
David Lynch
Michael Mann
Sam Mendes
Jeanne Moreau
Mike Nichols
Natalie Portman
Martin Scorsese
Kristin Scott-Thomas (nooo)
Tilda Swinton
Emma Thompson! noooooooooooooooooooo!
Wim Wenders

Wow, that's quite a few folks. Makes me sad. At least Luc Besson is okay.

I'm SUPER stressed right now, and usually the cure involves watching movies. I don't think I can.

ETA: Some more folks are in the Okay With Me column:
Allison Anders (weird aside: I was just last week trying to think of the female director from "Four Rooms")
Luc Besson
Jesse Eisenberg - yay, Zombieland is go!
Neil Gaiman - thank you!!!
Javier Grillo-Marxuach - phew, going to Best Buy to pick up The Middleman
Greg Grunberg - psychic guy from Heroes
Kevin Smith


  1. But most importantly - which side is Bruce Campbell taking?

  2. I can't find anything on him - he has neither updated blog nor Twitter.