Monday, October 19, 2009

zombie time!

Monday morning is appropriate for zombie posts, no?

* From shoeboxblog (yeah, Shoebox as in Hallmark):

Oops, somebody must not have liked it cause they had to take it down. But I'm all aboard with the Christmas music one! And the zombie complaint lists.

* Just when you thought all the zombie _____ ideas were taken, along comes the Calgary Zombie Walk:

* Zombie wedding cake! including bride with chainsaw. Flavor? Red velvet, natch. via Neatorama.

* I spent yesterday watching Fido and Evil Dead II while I worked on a couple of Very Special candy boxes. muaa haa haa!


  1. LOL! That red shirt Zombie picture is pricelesss!


  2. Total FUN and madness. I love it. Yummers red velvet cake. maybe that's what I'll make my son for his Oct 31st b-day.... Yep... I will. thanks for a fun post. Found you via Frog Q, her Divine Pumpkiness.

  3. Howdy Lille! Thanks for stopping by!