Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

* Hello there! How's it going? Did you have a good holiday-that-you-celebrate-or-don't-whatever-floats-your-boat season? I did! My first htycodwfyb here in Canada was filled with good food, and great family, and rain, and lights, and love. And presents ;)

Santa must have been reading my blog; I got zombie cross-stitch, and a purse made of seatbelts, and my mil crocheted me my very own Tiny Cthulhu!

He's been hanging out with Perogy Cat - I think they're up to something.

I also got the Halloween Tarot deck and book, illustrated by my favourite sinner Kipling West. There's something cheerfully creepy and smiling about her work. I'll never be able to afford a real painting, so I'll frame some of these lovely cards instead :)
Sadly, the box was missing the very last card (King of Imps), but after a quick e-mail to US Games it winged its way to me via airmail.

* Well, I came on here to post scans from "How You Can Give Hawaiian Parties", circa 1957, but went off track quickly. Here's a taste for next time:


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