Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's that? Hawaiian noises?

Aloha! Welcome to Fantasy Island "How You Can Give Hawaiian Parties" by Patricia Collier.

At first I was going to post just the drawings, but the lettering is so nice!

Let's star with the basics. "If you are lucky enough to have more than one lei, wear them all happily and proudly."

Ah, those Hawaiian nights, with their disguised posts and pillars.

"Would you like to entertain a fairly large number of women friends all at once? ... Then by all means go Hawaiian!" mmm, Green-and-Gold Rice Ring with Mushroom-Creamed Chicken!
I do love the lunching ladies all down the left side, wearing their leis and ... sitting on springs?

Next we have Buffet Suppers - "on the light side" sounds tasty.

"Curried seafood with fluffy rice, at least six accompaniments." According to the next page, the accompaniments for curry include bacon, chutney, hard-cooked egg yolk, lemon, pickled pineapple, and Bombay Duck (shredded dried fish). I don't think I'll be getting Bombay Duck any time soon.
And look at Mabel, standing there with a twinkle in her eye thinking, "that Bruce would be such a catch, he cooks divinely and sets a beautiful table."

Something tells me that Mabel is not his type.

How about a Hawaiian Bazaar? After all, "every club-woman knows that any bazaar or money-making affair attracts more attention and gets more good publicity if it is built around a theme."

I can just picture the little old ladies giggling as they plan their tropical bazaar.

Here's a little illustration from the Grill and Beach Parties section. I don't have a smart remark for this one, just that it's funny the ukelele/guitar stands out so much more than the player does.

These Hawaiian Suggestions can apply even to Christmas or Thanksgiving! Love the tiki idol and woman with the sunflower muumuu.

The last third of the book contains all the recipes. I was surprised to find that most of them sounded good. This one is an exception:

Peanut butter. Pineapple. Pimiento. Why not pickles, or prunes?

And finally, I leave you with a recipe from Bruce.

Thanks for joining me on this tropical vacation - sponsored by Dole Hawaiian Pineapple Company, LTD.

(Still in the mood for pineapple? Check out Pineapple Delight on Flickr!)

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