Saturday, April 2, 2011

tiny as a tambourine

* Wow, it's been 2 months and a bit? You'd think a person without a job would be on this thing every day. I can confess that I have quite the crop of squashumpkins in Farmville, though.

*Most exciting news? As of last Tuesday, I am officially a Permanent Resident of Canada! They only gave me a letter, but when I get the proper "green card" in a month I can start looking for a job! yay?

* Today's theme is HATS! Last month I went to a rummage sale held in the "older" part of town, and one booth had boxes of vintage sewing patterns and not-so-vintage craft supplies. Silly me, I'm not used to the cutthroat business of swap meet/rummage sale/ephemera show browsing. If you see something, you must grab it right away, then decide if you want it later, because if you don't it'll be gone in 30 sec to somebody who does operate like that. So I missed out on some vintage clothing patterns, but I did snag the following:

If only I were a size 12!

But the following patterns (uncut!), in a plain brown envelope with an address label "From the Editorial Rooms of the Ladies' Home Journal," these will fit!

Tambourine Pillbox, No. 1935
"This hat, tiny as a tambourine and a "no headsize" hat, sits over your right eyebrow. There is a matching tambourine bag for which we have a pattern, No. 1936, 5¢."

Velvet Chou Hat, No. 1924
"This hat is really a skullcap with an immense chou in three colors. It can be made in a number of dramatic color combinations - Royal blue, purple and light blue; black, scarlet and green; brown, beige and green; black, gray and Royal blue; fuchsia, shocking pink and purple. Or you could use two shades of a color and a contrasting color."
Holy cow, can you imagine that hat in fuchsia, shocking pink and purple?!? I can :)

Overseas Cap, No. 1918
"The style and smartness of this simple black velvet cap depend on the perfection of its tailoring. Make it of the finest Lyons type velvet, or of velveteen, and use silk bengaline to face the cuff."

I saved my favourite hat for last!

Stovepipe Hat, No. 1929
"This is a rather extreme hat and should be made in bright colors as purple, scarlet, parrot green, greenish gold, or in black velveeteen."
Extreme hat, woo hoo! I only wish these were in colour. 
There were also two bag patterns in the envelope, but they have no photos. One pattern looks like it may be for the purse above.
I'm not sure of the dates on these, but on the list of available patterns that was also in the envelope, you can order patterns for John Fredericks Hats of November 1940 and 1941.

* That's quite the post for my return to Blogsville, so until next time, namaste!


  1. Welcome back! And congrats on your bumper crop in Farmville. :)

    Oh, those glorious hats!

  2. Yay! It's another blog full of great, quality posts! Glad to have found ya!