Monday, July 4, 2011

Beautiful but chilly ...

A view of Manzanita and Nehalem Bay from a viewpoint on 101.
 * Last week Glen and I took a well-deserved vacation, motoring down the Oregon coast in a Rialta. We had a blast, staying in state parks, wearing long sleeves to the beach, shopping at Tarjey and Trader Joe's, and browsing antique stores. Here's a sample of my finds!

"Disneyland's 5/8 scale doubledecker Omnibus carries hundreds of passengers daily on a fun-filled tour of Main Street. Camera fans especially like the unique angles the Omnibus' second deck provides."
6 Disneyland postcards! According to the wacky lady owner, these postcards were released just after Disneyland opened and go for $10 on eBay ;) Had they not been $2 each, I would have bought twice as many.

The back says "Pacific Telephone Employees' Booklet Rack Service"
As my husband pointed out, ALL cakes are cakes men like. Some sound pretty tasty, though - Banana Spice Cake with Banana Butter Frosting!

Picked up 6 more paperbacks for the ever-growing pulp collection. I love this cover!

We also visited Tillamook Cheese for a free tour and free samples of cheese and ice cream. Of course we had to buy some as well ;) A tasty tasty stop for sure.

After reentering Canada, we stopped at Ikea and got a lovely Benno DVD tower that's just perfect for paperbacks. And FINALLY some plain kitchen dish towels! Let the embroidery begin.

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