Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Do or Do not. There is no try."

* Happy New Year! Hope you all had a pleasant holiday season. We ate at several different houses and played lots of games (crokinole is fun!)
But now, the eating is over and the resolutions begin. I know, it's silly, nobody ever keeps them, etc. but that won't stop me! I'm going to break it down, concentrate on a few things each month, that way it doesn't seem so BIG.

Here's the plan for Jan:
- do more stitching! I have 37 vintage embroidery patterns just sitting around begging to be used. So I joined my very first stitch-along! Since it's January, the theme is ... resolutions! Since I'd like to eat more fruit and veg, I'm putting this fellow on a tea towel.

from Vogart hot iron transfer set 198
so far I've transferred the pattern and picked my thread. I've been waiting for a sunny day to start stitching, ha ha. 

- eat more fruit and veg! See above :) 

- get off mah butt for at least 20 min, at least 5 times a week. (This unemployment thing is not good for your health.) I even broke out the Wii Fit board, and my segway skills are growing. 

- make some dinners! I'm not the greatest chef (I could live on pizza and cheese dip) but I need to up my game. Today we visited The Whole Beast* courtesy of a gift card, and got some andouille sausage for jambalaya tomorrow. Perfect weather for it!

So there ya go, 4 items for January. I'm doing good on 3 and 4 at least.

* Tomorrow is Epiphany, also Twelfth Night/the last of the 12 days of Christmas, also Three Kings Day. I'm not religious, but after living in Spain and in the Southern US, I couldn't avoid it. It's also the beginning of carnival season, leading up to Mardi Gras. I'm considering making a king cake, since I didn't see any up here last year. 

mmmmmm! it's actually more doughnutty than cakey.
And I have some spare tiny plastic babies! 
It's also the day that I consider proper/timely to take down decorations. I'll miss the pretty white lights in the living room. 

* In other news ... not a whole lot. I'm gradually tidying up/decluttering my studio and making a pile o' goodies for my eventual Etsy store. Still looking for a job, still volunteering once a week, still reading (vintage) lurid pulp and trashy gothic romance novels. 

Later 'gators! 

* The guy behind the counter had this pig tattooed on his forearm - wicked!

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  1. We played Arkham Horror on New Years Eve - and won for the first time! Have you played? 'Cause it's totally awesome.

    Good luck on your resolutions. I actually have have similar ones - plus lots more. So far...not doing so good akshully. :S

    Also...Wii segway...awesome. lol