Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We're number one!

Well, those masks were quite a hit! Right now, the one and only hit on Google for "ski masks of terror" is this very blog! I know I had seen the masks in other places, so I did a bit of looking around.

A blog called "ThreadBanger" did a round-up way back in '08 of all sorts of scary masks, including these. She linked to a Craftster user who actually made one in '05! oh man.

The Museum of Kitchy Stitches posted the masks, and even included a reader-submitted photo from a later issue of the magazine with a poor, poor boy wearing the mask that his mom proudly made!

Glen found the instructions for the boys' mask at Handmade by Mother - happy knitting! 

Apparently, Swapatorium blog posted the masks and the instructions, but the blog is now by invitation only, and I don't have an invitation :(
Sadly, the only other photo I could find of a modern incarnation of the masks is on a blog that has been hacked.

Last year, CraftStylish had photo and instructions for another set of creeepy ski masks, from '92.

If I knew how to knit (and one day I will learn), I would make up a bag of these and stealthily donate them to all the thrift stores in town. :maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh:

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  1. someone emailed me the pattern for the mens mask. i can forward it to you if you like