Wednesday, February 29, 2012

embroidery on my mind, and my desk, and my couch ...

* Here is my finished February stitch along!
It was shoved in the scanner so it's kinda wrinkly in places. No stitches fell out in the wash - yay! The flowers look kinda wonky - since I use dressmakers' carbon to transfer the pattern, it doesn't always line up properly, and when my hand starts to hurt from pressing down I take shortcuts (I don't need to trace the whole flower, just the middle and I'll figure out the petals). Aaaand the end result is lopsided flowers. But that just adds to the handmade charm, right? :)

In other embroidery news, we went to a rummage sale last weekend and I bought a large bag stuffed with transfer patters! Artex, Superior, Vogart, McCall's, Butterick. The bad news is there were only 8 envelopes in the bag. Most of the pattern sheets were cut up then divided into categories in plastic bags, so I haven't the faintest idea where some of them came from. But some of them are old, like before I knew there were patterns!

This one appears to be from 1923. It's in pretty good shape, too! With some of the other ones, when I unfolded the paper to look at the pattern, I was showered with blue dust where the ink had come off the paper :( 
I probably won't keep all the patterns, but I'll have fun sorting through them!

I also bought a stack of vintage craft magazines, from 1939 - 1980.* And ooh the ads are fun! I've already been picking and scanning for future blog posts. This one, from The Workbasket Oct 1955, intrigued me:
the tubing, the tubing! Where did it go? Why was it a special thing? Will I ever find out the truth?!? 

*Note to self: stop buying knitting magazines. you don't know how to knit. you can't even crochet yet.

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