Saturday, February 11, 2012

grab your purse - I've got the time machine warmed up!

* Greetings, it is I, and I come bearing news.

* I got a job! kinda. A doctor's office is going to pay me to organize their files! The doctor is the husband of the woman whose office I have organized as a volunteer, and she liked what I did so she recommended me. I start next Tues, and I've already been told that there are other docs in the building who need the same help. yay! 
I sent out an e-mail a couple of months ago to my family to see if anyone wanted organizing help, and got 6 hours work from that, so this thing is progressing.
Yesterday I scooped a Martha Organizing magazine/book (which doesn't seem to be pictured anywhere online) and it's so pretty pretty! Man, if I could make a living doing this, I'd be a happy camper. Happy and tidy :)

* I also have a new volunteer position, helping pack fresh fruit and veg for the Good Food Box. yay for helping the community eat better, fresher food! so that takes care of another resolution that I hadn't made yet.

* I've had some great vintage paper scores in the past week. At the Friends of the Library bookstore, found the 1980 Deities and Demigods, the one that includes the Cthulhu Mythos, for $2.50! I don't know if I'll ever game again, but more info on Cthulhu is a good thing. Also got a couple of nice vintage mystery paperbacks, Anatomy of a Murder and A Murder is Announced. 

Yesterday we finally remembered to check out the thrift store at the Oak Bay church (which is only open 4 hours a week. the store, not the church.) and woo hoo! Buried beneath a stack of 80s knitting patterns, a Mid-Winter Sale catalog from Simpson's.

Mid-winter 1950 that is! C'mon, let's go shopping!

First stop, craft department! I'm gonna spring for some polka-dotted washfast prints in pink and white, just 37 cents a yard. After all, patterns are 25 cents each so I'll get enough for a wonderful dress.

and Glen needs curtains in his studio - that cowboy print is perfect!

The bulk of the catalog is in black and white, though.

There's some nice wool for knitting, in so many colours! Pink, Sand, Burgundy, Scarlet ... oh. oh wow. It's too easy to forget what used to be standard. wow. Uh, check out that washing machine beneath the cover, so glad I don't have to use that thing!
Moving on! Don't ask why valentines are paired with office machines, but "15 cut-out Valentines with envelopes for kiddies" is a bargain at 29 cents.

17 assorted cakes of soap for 98 cents sound divine. But I'll pass on "Simpson's Beef, Iron and Wine for anemic and general run-down conditions." ugh, beef wine, bet it tastes naaasty. 

Words cannot express how much I want that dinette set and cabinet. In red. Good thing it's marked "del'd," which means Simpson's pays for delivery "to your nearest post office, railroad station or wharf." The catalog came from Vancouver so it's just across the water, shouldn't take long.

Last stop, ladies' clothing. Super cute dresses just in time for spring! They even have stout sizes! Good grief, if that lady on the far right is stout, I'm in trouble.

If I'm gonna buy a dress, looks like I'll need some assistance.
What's the point of getting a nice, cool, cotton dress if you have to cover yourself in rayon and elastic underneath? Holy cow, "G" is an "outsize pantie girdle" with "lightly boned inner panel for abdomen control" and "short back bones prevent top from rolling and cutting in." Outsize means "large fits waist 30, 31, 32 inches." eep.
I give up!

aaah, plenty of room to move around in these! I wonder why you can't find bloomers in stores any more? Heh, "D" is "sturdy cotton bloomers" in navy only. At least it's available in outsizes :)

And so ends our shopping trip - hope you got lots of bargains! 
Later gators!


  1. That catalog is fantastic! And you'll love your job. That's what I used to do. I'd just get in there and file and would have the place all to myself. Being not so much the people person, I loved it! And good on you for volunteering for such a great cause.

  2. thanks Eartha, I'm here rereading your comment before I go, to pump me up!