Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vintage embroidery pattern ID - Vogart

There's tons of info out there about Vogart, because they seem to have been the most prolific of the hot iron transfer companies. They are out of business, but the copyright is owned by Plaid Enterprises. Sadly, Plaid does not nor do they have any plans to reissue the patterns, but they doggedly protect their copyright just the same. So, no public sharing of Vogart patterns unless you want to hear from a lawyer. I do believe sharing envelope images is okay, though. (and I'm assuming that sharing portions of designs for the purposes of identification is also okay - if not, Lawyers, please tell me and I'll remove them.)
Some patterns will have more than one number since designs were reprinted and rereleased under a different number. I have pattern sets with three different envelopes, but I'm not sure of the dates of any of them.

Vogart Transfer Pattern 147 - light blue solid lines on brown tissue paper

Text on transfer sheet:

Vogart Repeat Transfer Patterns 696 - dark purple solid lines on white paper

Pattern number on transfer sheet:
I love the kittens.

Instructions on transfer sheet:

Vogart Repeat Transfer Patterns 706 - blue solid lines on white paper

Text on transfer sheet:
I have my suspicions that this last pattern sheet isn't the original one. 
  • the pattern lines are not solid solid, they are blurred and look as though some of the ink has flaked off. Common enough, but
  • there's no ink dust in the envelope as if the ink had flaked off.
  • there's no accidental transfer of pattern ink where the sheet has been folded.
  • the pattern number is handwritten, and not in the usual place (above Made in USA).
However, the patterns are all on one large sheet, and it is folded in the usual manner, so it may be a case of Vogart changing the way they printed their patterns. I won't know for sure until I either see another version of this pattern, or another pattern from this era.

Next time - 4 examples of Walker's!

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