Saturday, April 28, 2012

vintage embroidery pattern IDs - unknown!

* For my last trick, I'm posting scans of patterns that were either a) in an envelope with no identification; b) in the wrong envelope; or c) in a grab bag.

Mystery 1
dark blue dotted lines on white tissue paper. One sheet of designs has a Canadian flag, maple leaves, and "1867-1967" so that dates the pattern set. There are 16 sheets of designs in the envelope, and they all look the same, but I don't know if they all originally came in this envelope.
Mystery envelope:
No manufacturer or newspaper name listed on the envelope.

Sample designs:
Some designs in the envelope have 3 digit numbers on the bottom.
Some designs in the envelope have 5 digit numbers.

Mystery 2
red solid lines on white paper.
Number on mystery design:

ID on mystery design:

Mystery 3
dark blue lines on white tissue paper. The design is labeled "Fleetway" but I can't find a single thing on the internets about Fleetway and embroidery.

If anyone has any info on the above designs, please let me know!

this just in: I bought a Laura Wheeler Design (newspaper mailorder) from 1941 in a thrift store upisland - will be adding to the design id chart soon!

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