Tuesday, May 3, 2011

can't sleep, wallpaper will eat me ...

I don't usually do 70s, but this book was cheap and the colour photos had to be shared! "Decorating Your Child's Room" by Carole S. Frankel, copyright 1971. I realize that children's rooms look good when they are colourful, but this is too much.

"Note that the gay design is carried out in the easy-care, easy-to-apply hard surface flooring."
This photo was provided by the Flintkote/Latex Foam Rubber Council. ;) The room looks huge thanks to the absence of a rug. Many of these rooms involve built-in furniture, which is a great idea but sure limits changing things around once the child has grown and tastes have changed.

"Teens with tiny rooms might consider the airy chic of wicker furniture. The light scale makes it ideal for bed/sitting rooms."
All the light and airy chic in the world isn't going to overcome that WALLPAPER. I do like how all the book covers match. Even the pencil is yellow!

"A shared bedroom can express two very distinct personalities. Note that the boy's side has a desk, while the pre-school toddler insisted on a miniature dressing table just like mommy's!"
 That is a good idea, but based on the width of the dresser those are some shallow drawers. The yellow isn't so bad, but the orange is burning my eyes.

"An Early American home need not call for traditional furnishings, as this shared bedroom dramatically proves. Red, white and blue, a recent, as well as an "early" American color scheme, has great appeal for girls as well as boys."
I grew up in the 70s, and how well I remember the "rustic" furniture, and the red, white and blue explosion to celebrate the centennial! I don't see it used as a colour scheme much lately; the closest would be a navy blue and white nautical/boat flag theme, which sometimes has a touch of red as well.
And look at the points on the corners of the beds - just picture the horsing around, the fall onto one of those, the nice round bruise that would last for weeks. 

"Fire-engine red carpet in a synthetic, easy-care fiber sparks the setting and takes daily punishment from its energetic master with no change!"
How anybody would be able to sleep in there is beyond me. But the carpet would enhance the "floor is lava" game :)

Until next time, namaste!


  1. Those round bruises I've had plenty of when I was younger

  2. Mine were usually triangle-shaped from running into corners of tables.

  3. You know...I think I could live with the pink and orange wallpaper. But I also considered putting up a bunch of those copper pudding mold thingys on the walls in my kitchen just like on The Golden Girls, so what do I know? :P

  4. Nothing wrong with Golden Girls decor - I'd love to have a lanai. Just so I can say "lanai," like "Let's have drinks on the lanai." It's right up there with "credenza" on my list of fun retro decor words :D