Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cozy and warm

* Hi and welcome back to my holiday craft extravaganza! Since it's chilly outside, let's cozy up with some fur!

Copyright Harold Mangelsen & Sons, 1972
We're animal lovers so we'll stick with Fantasy Fur!
My first thought upon seeing the cover: "maybe they shouldn't have open flame right above what is no doubt a highly flammable material." Google doesn't give me any info on what the fur is made of except it's "a fascinating material."

Not many clear photos in here, but there are a couple of doozies.

Here we have a snowman (fur over three styrofoam balls), an Angel in the Cloud and a Nativity Scene through the Windows - yeah, in the center of that furry ball is a 1 1/2" tall nativity scene.

Christmas Morning, Deer in the Forest, and another accident-waiting-to-happen candle holder. I think that deer is giving me the evil eye.

yup. Thanks for the nightmares!
There are also instructions for making an angel mobile, Santa's boot, more ornaments sans nativity, and a furry green wreath.

There's a warning in the front of the book:
in a nutshell - don't blame us if your projects look nothing like this! 

Fantasy Fur Christmas was published by Mangelsen's of Omaha, NE, and surprise! they are still around, but now operate as "a retail store, wholesale supplier/manufacturer of Halloween products, and haunted house." Quite a combo, but no more fantasy fur.

Not for them, but next time on this very blog we'll meet Sweet Lil' Stinko :)

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  1. Wow, talk about your niche market! Is it wrong that I really, really want to possess some fantasy fur creations? Or perhaps that's just the deer talking...