Friday, November 18, 2011

Let's get crafty

* It's time once again for one of my occasional "I'm gonna post more often" posts. Blame the chemicals in my brain for my spotty blogging record.

* Only 5 weeks until HTYCODWFYB - how's your shopping going? Me, I love receiving homemade presents, and making them. Doesn't mean I do make lots, but I always intend to. Need ideas for crafts to give? Let's drag some magazines off my shelf and see what we've got!

I don't remember where/how I got this one, but it's got everything from crafts to recipes to home decor.

And here I thought unusually decorated trees was a new idea. According to the description, those are "heavily flocked branches" - oh yeah. And the fruits are carved Styrofoam balls covered with tissue paper. I hate to think what fruit would look like if I had to carve it.

Too cute! He's made of felt. They also have instructions for a lion made of terry cloth.

Teenie bopper doll! Instructions not included in the magazine, send $3 for the pattern. Sneaky.

I know I said I liked homemade gifts, but you can keep your aluminum foil in the kitchen thankyouverymuch.

and stay away from my toilet seat! Sheesh, you wouldn't think you'd have to spell that one out.

Baked goods are always a great gift (well, unless the recipient is allergic to gluten and you find out too late). These are Lucia Buns, "traditionally served in Sweden on December 13, the day of St. Lucia." yum!

Here's the recipe, with suggestions at the bottom of ways to bend the bread. Is it just me, or are some of those Cthulhu-esque? Tasty tasty evil.

That's all for this magazine - stay tuned for more craft ideas from the swingin' 60s!

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